What Should I Expect with PlasmaLift?

What Should I Expect with PlasmaLift?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Just like with anything else, everyone's results will be unique to them. However, dramatic results are expected! The Plasma Skin Tightening & Correcting technique has been shown all over the world to have incredible lasting results! Since we are not performing surgery, (hooray!) the downtime is minimal, but be prepared to look a just little silly for a few days. A very small price to pay for beauty, right?!

The Plasma Pen leaves tiny dots on the skin which crust over and resemble tiny scabs. These crusts are due to drying of the excess skin after the controlled injury from plasma occurs. They fall or flake off within 3-6 days, and the skin will continue to heal and rejuvenate for a few weeks. When this kind of trauma is applied to the skin, increased levels of type 3 Collagen is produced. This collagen production continues for weeks and months after the original treatment, and best results are generally seen by 12 weeks post-treatment.

The positive effects of this treatment can last a few years (typically 2-3 years). However, it is does depend on the individual. Factors including but not limited to aftercare protocol, genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits, continuing a skincare regimen, and sun exposure can affect results and longevity of those results. It is known and proven that Plasma Lifting/Fibroblast helps repair the skin by mitigating the aging process. That's why results last such a long time! Some people may require two or three treatments to see the desired results. The condition of the skin as well as following aftercare protocol may affect how many treatments are needed.

Everyone always wants to know if this is permanent. I always say it's as permanent as a surgical facelift. When you get a facelift, you will need another one in a few years because you are still aging and gravity is still pulling on your skin!

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