What is Plasma Lifting and Plasma Fibroblasing?

What is Plasma Lifting and Plasma Fibroblasing?

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Basically, these Plasma Treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that shrink excess skin and smooth out wrinkles while instantly tightening the treated areas with very little downtime.

THE HISTORY & SCIENCE: This new skin tightening & correcting treatment has been around in Europe for a few years and made its way to Canada a couple of years ago. It is just now starting to make its way into the United States, and although it is a new technique, the technology is quite a bit older. It was originally invented by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago in 1891 when he attempted to pass an electrical current through the air. He found that when a voltage is applied to an electrode within various noble gasses, plasma (the fourth state of matter) is formed. His inventions of the Tesla Coil and Plasma Globe were the results of these incredible experiments. The tool we use in Plasma Skin Tightening and Correcting is modeled after this brilliant technology.

THE SCIENCE TODAY: A handheld device, or Plasma Pen, forms ionized gases in the air to create a small electrical arc or "plasma discharge" similar to a tiny lightning bolt. When this bolt of energy hits the skin, it stimulates instant contractions and tightening of the skin's fibers. Trauma from the plasma energy stimulates fibroblast cells to immediately produce collagen and elastin. Fibroblasts are the most common cells within the connective tissue and dermis layer of the skin. These cells are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury.

SAFETY: There are always safety concerns with any type of skin treatment out there, and we will go over your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate. PlasmaLift has been shown to be very safe and effective with proper training and tools. The plasma treats only the epidermal layer of skin with pinpoint precision without spreading to surrounding areas or other layers. Sublimation of fluids occur as a result of the of this plasma discharge interacting with the skin, which can have an unpleasant odor so we recommend bringing your favorite essential oils.

WHY TRY THIS: As we get older, the dermal layer of our skin becomes thin and loose. Since less collagen is produced, the elasticity wears out and these changes cause the skin to form wrinkles, sag, and lose laxity and texture. PlasmaLift is designed to help dramatically repair and reverse these unpleasant signs of aging resulting in a youthful appearance. The skin tightens and rejuvenates, and the production of type 3 collagen begins. Fine lines and wrinkles fade and your skin is lifted. This is a very effective way to take years off of your appearance without surgery and without the price tag!

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See article WHAT TO EXPECT for more information on what you can expect to see as a result of having Plasma Skin Tightening.

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