Supplies For Permanent Makeup

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

This post is for permanent makeup artists looking for good supplies for their procedures. This list will grow, so stay tuned!

Best Deal:

Best Deal: (make sure to get 1inch wide)

Pre-inked mapping string (4 pack Best Deal):

Just one:

Best Deal:

I recommend getting a 32oz with a pump for your pre-procedure hand washing and for filling sample jars, and get a small 4oz bottle for skin prep to have on your set-up tray.

32 oz bottle:

Pump for the bottle:

4oz bottle:

Brow Shading Needles (1001RL) Universal Cartridges:

Assorted Eyeliner needles (universal cartridges):

Lubricating eye drops for eyeliner procedures:

Pigment Rings:

Sterile pigment rings with sponge:

Pigment cups:

Cup and tool holder: -These actually do survive in a high pressure, high temp, steam autoclave.

High Pressure Steam Autoclave:

Plastic Wrap for occluding brows/lips:

Pigment mixing tool:

Dr. Setterfield's Microneedling Book:

I'll post more links soon!

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