How to Remove Tattoo Ink/Pigment

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

If you have not had a great experience with Microblading or permanent makeup (or even traditional tattoo), there are ways to successfully remove the pigment/ink. The best way is to schedule a removal session with me. Please schedule a consultation HERE so we can assess the method of removal and/or correction that will be best for you.

If it has only been 24-48 hours, call me ASAP for an emergency session!!!!

Otherwise, you will have to let it heal before attempting professional removal.

Emergency removal: $150 for permanent makeup. Price varies for tattoos.

Other removal/correction session prices depend on several factors and require a consultation.

If you want to try to remove your pigment at home, there are many YouTube videos of horrible techniques that cause scarring. Please DO NOT try any of these methods! You CAN slightly lighten pigment on your own, but having it professionally done will be the the most effective. Here is how to start fading it on your own...

Note: the following method is not as successful as professional removal and is not guaranteed to work for you.

Please make sure your brows have healed for at least 6 weeks before attempting to do your own fading, or you risk scarring your skin.

(It is recommended to do this in the evening as it will cause irritation and redness…)


Obtain some Microdermabrasion Paste and Intensive Renewing Serum from Rodan + Fields. 

CLICK HERE to contact me for some free samples and a big discount on full-size products.              

 Paste:  (not for very sensitive skin)                Serum:  (can be used on all skin types)

Boil a cup of purified water on the stove with half a cup of salt to make a sterile saline solution. Let cool until it is still hot but not too hot.


1.  Clean your brows and face with anti-bacterial soap and warm water and pat dry.

2.  Scrub your brows with a small amount of the Microdermabrasion Paste. You want to give yourself a very good scrub, but obviously don't hurt yourself! For an added benefit, gently scrub your whole face! It will feel amazing afterwards!

3.  Wash the scrub off of your brows/face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

4. Soak a clean washcloth with the warm saline solution and let this sit on top of your brows for 15 minutes. Make sure to apply continual pressure to the brows.

5. Wipe your brows with Hibiclens (or another anti-bacterial soap) and a warm wash cloth or cotton pad. Rinse your whole face and pat dry.

6. Repeat this whole process twice.

7.  Open one capsule of the Intensive Renewing Serum and apply the contents to the brows and face.

8. Then, apply a heavy layer of Vaseline to your brows.

9. Sleep with the Vaseline on and wash it off in the morning with anti-bacterial soap. Apply an antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin in the morning and keep your brows very dry.

10.  Make sure you DO NOT put sunscreen on your brows and repeat this process every other day until desired result is achieved. (Retinal capsules can be used every day and the scrub can be used as tolerated but is recommended to be used every other day.)

The Retinal (Vitamin A) in the blue capsule will help fade your brows by speeding up cell turnover and boosting collagen production. The added benefit is shrinking your pores and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. 

You may need to repeat this entire process over several weeks/months to get some good fading. Be careful not to overdo it and cause damage to your skin! Make sure to apply the antibiotic ointment every day for a week after your last fading attempt. This process may not work on older pigment.

Hibiclens can be purchased here:

Bacitracin can be purchased here:

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