How to Prolong Facial Plasma Results

How to Prolong Facial Plasma Results

So, you've had Plasma Fibroblasting done, and you've gone through the healing process and have amazing results! YAY! Now, you need a skincare routine that will maintain and prolong your results! After care is just as important as the actual procedure! Once the crusts have fallen off, it is recommended to gently cleanse and moisturize every morning and night as well as apply a gentle sunscreen during the day. Once you are about a month post procedure, you should start an at-home microneedling and exfoliating regimen.

Here are the products I recommend:

Click HERE for the products recommended to use on the BODY after body Plasma treatments.

Before the crusts fall off, ONLY use what I have given to you to use in your after care kit. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE! DO NOT PICK AT THE CRUSTS OR YOU RISK SCARRING!

After the crusts fall off, use a gentle non-foaming face cleanser and Active Hydration Serum morning and night:

Also, use a gentle facial sunscreen with SPF 30-50

One month post treatment, start using this skincare regimen, and gradually work up to using the roller every other day:

On the days you don't use your roller, use this face scrub along with the above regimen:

If you have acne, sensitive skin, or discoloration you want to address, contact me for a more comprehensive skincare evaluation and product selection.

Amazing skin is just like having an amazing body... you have to keep on top of it with your skincare just like you have to go to the gym! Another important aspect of healthy skin, is what you put into your body! Drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy balanced diet. Sugar will absolutely sabotage your skin, so make sure sugar intake is minimal! I also recommend taking a super high quality nutritional supplement, one that is made specifically for you based on your DNA.

Here is where you can do that!

Please contact me if you have any questions!



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