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Hey y'all! Thanks for checking out my page and considering me for your beauty needs! I am a proud momma with twins babies and a 3 year-old and have a long history in the beauty and medical industries. This spa is the product of a ton of experience, set-backs, and overcoming all odds!

​I've always had a side project going on, but 2018 gave me the opportunity to pursue one full-time. I bought a house, had a baby, and then BOOM, I got laid off with no warning all in a matter of a few months. It's those scary times in life that you learn what you're made of. Now, I'm building my family's future on my dream.​

Royalty by Rachael was born after I won the title of Miss Texas International in 2014. I had been doing makeup and hair for a long time but decided to focus on pageant hair and makeup as well as pageant coaching. The pageant world launched my career, and this was a small way for me to give back. Well, that all morphed into permanent makeup and skincare a few years ago, and now I am combining my love for beauty with my love for helping people become and stay healthy.

​I am also a ballet dancer, which I have studied and performed since I was little. I plan to dance and live a very very long time so I have been a student of nutrition and the health sciences for many years. I'm a nerd at heart and will be introducing a wellness program soon to show others how to enrich their lives and heal themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My methods have helped me and a few others tremendously, so I know I must share them with the world.

​I am a very passionate person and will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy with the services you receive from me. I have several certifications for permanent makeup, skincare, and health coaching, and have been doing makeup for over 13 years. I continue to further my education to provide the best possible service for my clients.​

You deserve to look and feel like Royalty!

Ok, enough about me...

This whole beauty business is really all about YOU. How can I help YOU achieve the look you want so you can save time and money getting yourself ready every day? How can I help you feel more amazing and more confident? The whole concept of this spa is beauty from the inside out. We want get to the root cause of your skin issues, and bring about lasting healing and change in your body that ultimately results in healthier, younger-looking skin.

Permanent makeup can help save you time by freeing you from having to shape your brows every day or put that eyeliner on just perfectly. It can help you save money on makeup products that you won't need anymore!​

CryoSkin and other esthetic treatments can also help save you money on costly procedures to help with loose sagging skin and wrinkles. Let's knock 10 years off of your skin to help you feel young and beautiful! You deserve it!​

YOU are the one always sacrificing for your family. YOU put others before yourself. It's time for you to take care of you! You deserve it!

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